Explaining bullets

white and black bird on white printer paper
  • When I was in high school and college,
    I used to write stories in bullet form.
  • The story goes like this:
    I used to write brilliant prose and not-so-brilliant lists.
  • People would only read my dim lists and skim my bright prose.
  • So I tried to think of a way to trick people into reading prose without realizing that
    that was what they were doing.
  • Suddenly, it occurred to me that there was a feature I never seemed to use in Word: bullets.
  • There’s very nearly no place for bulleted lists in humorous or even fictional writing.
  • Think about it.
  • So why couldn’t I co-opt it to serve my own nefarious purposes?
  • And co-opt it I did.  I would write silly stories with no aim in mind,
    but once I put them into the format of “Bullets”
  • people would be drawn to them, thinking they were a quick read.
  • and the people would stay because they were at least an interesting read.
  • The bullets were brilliant!
  • They even made me seem less dim.