Thankfully a passing paramedic pressed ‘Publish’

I want to introduce you to a concept. Imagine for a moment the ‘infinite worlds’ idea is true, that being for every possible choice there is another universe where the other choice is played out. Now consider that choices are rarely a dichotomy, and choices are as simple as “I put my beer down on this part of the table” still count. Now we have a near infinite number of universes purely based on where I decide to put my beer. Then multiply that by the number of major different events that could happen, and you end up with officially a bajillion number of different universes.

Now consider what was mentioned before, where there’s a universe for every possibility. If I put a gun to my head and pull the trigger, there’s a possibility it won’t fire, which means in not just one universe, but a near infinite number of universes, this has happened. If after this gun-no-fire incident I walk into traffic, there is a near infinite number of universes where this does not kill me, similar to if I try to run in front of a moving train, etc etc.

In fact, put all this together, there are a near infinite number of universes where I am constantly trying to commit suicide and failing. How about that, my alternative self can’t even kill himself right, wuss.

So to establish if this is such a universe, I have here a medieval crossbow. Let’s see if it fir