What Lola wants, Lola sometimes gets

When Pixel’s friend Bre was burglarized, his office-mate Lola helped him organize raising money from Bre’s friends.  They spent much of the week together, which was the longest amount of time they’d ever been around each other.

Pixel thought Lola was attractive and fun, but she was married, so he wrote her off in his mind.  One evening, she asked him at a bar if it was just her or whether there was sexual tension in the office.  Pixel agreed, half jokingly.

He didn’t realize what she meant until he took her home one day after a party.  She had meant that there was sexual tension between them.  She said this as she hugged him goodbye for ten minutes.

Pixel didn’t know what to do: not only was she married, but she was married to another person in the department!  And furthermore, Pixel was still dealing with the Iris situation.  So he did the ostrich method of dealing with problems: he ignored them and hoped they went away.

But they did not.  Over the next three months, Lola began to hang out in their mutual office much more, go to his weekly dinners, and– by coincidence– audited a class he was in.

Meanwhile, her husband began inviting Pixel out to lunch with them.  His motto seemed to be “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  Pixel didn’t know how close he was being kept, but he did figure it out one poisonous afternoon.