What is your life even for?


These are the seven themes of my life.  Things I strive for whenever I’m not decompressing.

  1. Trust.  I’d rather die than break a promise. I haven’t broken one since I was 15.  I have lied many times in that decade. Some of them hurt more than others. I try to minimize my lies.
  2. Laugh.  I can’t help but to find everyday things in life hilarious. Sometimes I feel it is my duty to permanently warp the senses of humor of those around me.
  3. Friends. My friends matter more to me than anything except for trust and whatever seems funny at the time.  When I’m in a giddy mood, this is bad news, but generally I’m a great friend.
  4. Create.  There are things that I can say, do, write, and draw that people must be aware of.  I can just feel it.
  5. Genius.  I’m a pretty sharp guy. Some day I hope to do something with that.
  6. Chicks.  This is on my list because 13-year-old Pixel would be very sad if it weren’t.
  7. Ethics.  I want to lead an exemplary life.  To do as little harm to the people, animals, and ecosystems around me as possible. I have found that my mind too easily justifies my actions on consequentialist grounds even when the consequences turn out to be disastrous. So in order to maximize the positive consequences around me, I lead a life according to duties and virtues of my own devising….  it’s not perfect, but it tends to be much better than what the people around me do.