pixel:by the numbers

Age: 25.  Money in Bank Account: $861.25.  Amount in debt:  >$7,000.  Amount others owe me: >$1000. Yearly Income: $23,000-26,000.  Rent: $700. Amount accumulating interest: $240.  Books in personal library: 125.  Books stolen from library counted in my library books:  58.  Alcohol in my house: >$400. Height in centimeters: 178.  Weight in kilograms: 82. BMI:  25.5.  Hair color according to an inaccurate picture:  #34555f.  States visited: 36.   Car’s Mileage:  135,000.  Cars owned: 2.  Years in school: 17.  Years to go: >3.  New Years Resolutions broken so far this year: 2.  Countries visited: 10.  Web sites: 3.  Twitter profiles: 2.

Stories in the works: 3. No. of Woot! Shirts: 8. Liters of blood donated: 3. Liters of blood left to donate to feel good about myself: 4. Times arrested: 1. Times released: 1. Friends I can count on in a time of need: ≥7.