He’s the Least Interesting Man in the World

  • He thinks ketchup is too spicy
  • The army is designing their next form of camouflage after him
  • He thinks the missionary position is scandalous
  • He is the character in the horror movie that dies off camera
  • His sexual interests and favorite ice cream flavor are both vanilla
  • His favorite shape is square
  • His favorite soup is broth
  • His favorite haircut is just a trim
  • He is accidentally locked in a store at least once a year
  • His career counselor advised him to turn to crime
  • Even Facebook forgets his birthday
  • His favorite TV show is white noise
  • His favorite card game is 52-card pickup
  • He cruises in his Volvo with his windows down and NPR turned up
  • Hipsters want to ironically be him

He is the least interesting man in the world.