Endings, Evaluated

a person drowns underwater
  • Pros: Few materials necessary
  • Cons: Requires expert knot-tying skills and are hard to test
  • Pros: Quick, easy
  • Cons: Messy, if it goes wrong, your life will be really terrible, requires gun
Carbon Monoxide
  • Pros: Can park anywhere, be found by anyone
  • Cons: If it goes wrong, you could have permanent brain damage
  • Pros: Cheap, easy
  • Cons: Bloody, painful
  • Pros: COVID-19 is readily available, nobody blames you
  • Cons: If it goes wrong, you might have life-long problems
Jumping from Heights
  • Pros: Doable
  • Cons: Heights, final thoughts are pretty bad
  • Pros: Might be painless, may seem accidental
  • Cons: Requires materials, research, time, may damage internal organs permanently
Vehicular Collision
  • Pros: Doable, may seem accidental
  • Cons: Involves strangers discovering you, may go wrong and leave you broken
Dying naturally
  • Pros: Inevitable
  • Cons: Almost certainly bad timing