Goosebumps book ideas

Inspired by this, which is probably the funniest thing on the internet this week.

Sleep Walkers: A boy fears he is killing people in his sleep.
Big twist: He was only half asleep.

Time to Die: A boy is tormented by a time traveling adult who seems intent on setting up situations that will kill him.
Big twist: The time traveler is the boy from the future, who doesn’t understand causality or something.

Happy Endings: A boy is worried that he is trapped in a fairy tale because everything is too perfect.
Big twist: He was, but then he ruins it and everyone hates him for ever.

New town: Not everything is right in the new town. A boy suspects they are all extraterrestrial spies who want to enslave humanity. And he will find out the truth… By Any Means Necessary.
Big twist: It really was all in his imagination! Reading too many Goosebumps books made him paranoid and unable to cope in society. He lives in a group home now.

The Substitute: The substitute teacher is acting weird, but nobody suspects anything. So the boy must follow him home and spy on him every day to prove it.
Big twist: He is actually discovering his burgeoning sexuality and it is not what he would have expected.1

  1. He likes stalking. []