black and yellow racing car

Rules for Shotgun

Independently originated, then influenced by this website and this other one: Shotgun must be said audibly to all present or the person’s hand must be on the door handle Window is a separate option that must also be called independently. All other rules for Window are the same as those for Shotgun. The car must…

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Rule No. 103

Rules for Relationships: Call once, leave a message.  Wait.  You can call again, but don’t call again unless she calls back.  If she wants to be with you, she will call back.  If she doesn’t, why are you trying so hard?

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Rule No. 6

Rules for Guys: “Never look below the neck on another male unless it is to mock him for a ridiculous getup.” Subclause: avert gaze altogether from men that are changing or showering in a locker room. Avoid men that walk around in the nude.

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