An Alliterative attempt

Another age, another area, another animal, authored as ‘Anita’. Anita avoided all, afraid an aspect able accidentally annihilating Anita. An accent… an accent approaches. Await approach, Anita, abide. Augur alert, alarmed! “Argh!” Anita agonisingly aired as an attacker ate an arm, “Zombies!” Anita alarmed as antagonists assaulted! … Wait, ‘Zombies’. Crap. Should’ve said ‘Ambulatory, apathetic…

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Why does the fantasy section in the book shop never contain any novels about playboy models bathing me? It seems like false advertising to me. Why do some people who use phonetical-equivilancy-letter-word substitution (E.G. y = why) then go on to use punctuation? If the purpose is to save time, hunting for the semi-colon surely…

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Non-Sequitur Segue

You know you’ve missed the best part of the story if all you hear is this ending: … At which point I knew I would never remove the stains from my pants, they just looked too good. … And that is how I was both knighted and exiled in the same day. … so there…

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Thankfully a passing paramedic pressed ‘Publish’

I want to introduce you to a concept. Imagine for a moment the ‘infinite worlds’ idea is true, that being for every possible choice there is another universe where the other choice is played out. Now consider that choices are rarely a dichotomy, and choices are as simple as “I put my beer down on this part of the table” still count. Now we have a near infinite number of universes purely based on where I decide to put my beer. Then multiply that by the number of major different events that could happen, and you end up with officially a bajillion number of different universes.

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The Guest Star Strikes Back!

It seems Pixel is still being a lazy bugger about the daily update thing. And so, once more I rip the reigns from his sweating, nervous hands and steer this baby in the direction of an update, loosing several sled dogs in this awkward metaphor. In case you don’t get it, the ‘sled dogs’ are…

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white and brown short coated dog wearing black sunglasses

Guest Star: Some guy!

Since Pixel has failed his goal of “a post a day”, I figured I should at least make an attempt for the SITE to succeed in that goal. As long as there are 30 posts this month, it all averages out, right? Ladies and gentlemen, some of you know me, some of you don’t. My…

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