cooked shrimp food

The Compromise

(Int. Kitchen)MAYA: So… I think I’m craving Thai food again.DIEGO: I don’t know about that. I love Thai food, but you remember what happened last time, Maya.MAYA: Diego, I appreciate and acknowledge your worries. But we’ve been to therapy.. I think we’re ready.DIEGO: Thai doesn’t sound bad. You know, I spent a…MAYA: (Interrupting) A whole…

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Ode to Kassidy

tragedy only i can seethe world, dying in front of me Other People Don’t Care“Why Do You Feel Sorrow?”They Say,“That’s For Those People, Over There,Far Away,There’s Nothing We Can DoBut Pray,It’s An Issue For Tomorrow,Not Today.” if They would only see,They could share my burden;“We should change Our way,”We would All agree,of this I’m Certain….

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Why I wish I were one of quintuplets

Help teach object lesson in cloning Perfectly choreographed rock-paper-scissors competitions Road trips are always a blast Nobody would be able to trust eyewitness accounts fingering me at the scene of the crime anymore Finally get honest feedback into how my singing really sounds If I was ever jumped by quadruplets, I’d have the upper hand…

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